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Matted Pastel 15"x18"
Country Road

Pastel 9x12" framed - SOLD
Church at Keag River

Pastels are the most archival form of pigments. Usually created on paper, they need to be matted and framed if they are displayed where they might be damaged... but personally I love to see them without the glass that so often obscures their unique texture and color...

Matted Pastel 20.5" x 25"
There Are Plenty of Fish In the Sea

Moonlight Sea -SOLD
Matted Pastel 18"x22"

Pastel - 9x12"
Fog On Gull Rock

Pastel 11 x 14" SOLD
Monhegan Early Morning Cliffs

Matted Pastel 15"x17.5"
Virginian Sunset

11x 14" Pastel
Burundi Mother and Child

After years of bloodshed in Burundi Africa, many women and children need help to survive. Central African Vision (CAV) assists women to create sustainable businesses that will provide the means for thier families' futures.

Central African Vision (CAV) is a non profit organization that is fundraising to help the war torn areas of Burundi. Administrative positions are fully volunteer so ALL donations bankroll the women of Burundi to start their own businesses. As their businesses prosper, these women then help fund other women build more businesses.

Click HERE to go to the Central African Vision Site

I have many more pastels displayed under other headings...